1. a feeling of ill will or resentment: to hold a grudge against a former opponent.


  1. done, arranged, etc., in order to settle a grudge: The middleweight fight was said to be a grudge match.

verb (used with object), grudged, grudg·ing.

  1. to give or permit with reluctance; submit to unwillingly: The other team grudged us every point we scored.
  2. to resent the good fortune of (another); begrudge.

verb (used without object), grudged, grudg·ing.

  1. Obsolete. to feel dissatisfaction or ill will.


  1. a persistent feeling of resentment, esp one due to some cause, such as an insult or injury
  2. (modifier) planned or carried out in order to settle a grudgea grudge fight


  1. (tr) to give or allow unwillingly
  2. to feel resentful or envious about (someone else’s success, possessions, etc)

v.mid-15c., “to murmur, complain,” variant of grutch. Meaning “to begrudge” is c.1500. Related: Grudged; grudges; grudging; grudgingly. The noun is mid-15c., from the verb. see bear a grudge; nurse a grudge.

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