verb (used with object), pre·scribed, pre·scrib·ing.

  1. to lay down, in writing or otherwise, as a rule or a course of action to be followed; appoint, ordain, or enjoin.
  2. Medicine/Medical. to designate or order the use of (a medicine, remedy, treatment, etc.).

verb (used without object), pre·scribed, pre·scrib·ing.

  1. to lay down rules; direct; dictate.
  2. Medicine/Medical. to designate remedies, treatment, etc., to be used.
  3. Law. to claim a right or title by virtue of long use and enjoyment; make a prescriptive claim. (usually followed by for or to).


  1. to lay down as a rule or directive
  2. law to claim or acquire (a right, title, etc) by prescription
  3. law to make or become invalid or unenforceable by lapse of time
  4. med to recommend or order the use of (a drug or other remedy)

v.“to write down as a direction,” mid-15c., from Latin praescribere “write beforehand” (see prescription). Related: Prescribed; prescribing. Medical sense is from 1580s, probably a back formation from prescription. v.

  1. To give directions, either orally or in writing, for the preparation and administration of a remedy to be used in the treatment of a disease.
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