verb (used with object), var·ied, var·y·ing.

  1. to change or alter, as in form, appearance, character, or substance: to vary one’s methods.
  2. to cause to be different from something else: The orchestra varied last night’s program with one new selection.
  3. to avoid or relieve from uniformity or monotony; diversify: to vary one’s diet.
  4. Music. to alter (a melody or theme) by modification or embellishments without changing its identity.

verb (used without object), var·ied, var·y·ing.

  1. to show diversity; be different: The age at which children are ready to read varies.
  2. to undergo change in appearance, form, substance, character, etc.: The landscape begins to vary as one drives south.
  3. to change periodically or in succession; differ or alternate: Demand for certain products varies with the season.
  4. to diverge; depart; deviate (usually followed by from): to vary from the norm.
  5. Mathematics. to be subject to change.
  6. Biology. to exhibit variation.

verb varies, varying or varied

  1. to undergo or cause to undergo change, alteration, or modification in appearance, character, form, attribute, etc
  2. to be different or cause to be different; be subject to change
  3. (tr) to give variety to
  4. (intr foll by from) to differ, as from a convention, standard, etc
  5. (intr) to change in accordance with another variableher mood varies with the weather; pressure varies directly with temperature and inversely with volume
  6. (tr) music to modify (a theme) by the use of variation

v.mid-14c. (transitive); late 14c. (intransitive), from Old French varier, from Latin variare “change, alter, make different,” from varius “varied, different, spotted;” perhaps related to varus “bent, crooked, knock-kneed,” and varix “varicose vein,” from a PIE root *wer- (1) “high raised spot or other bodily infirmity” (cf. Old English wearte “wart,” Swedish varbulde “pus swelling,” Latin verruca “wart”). Related: Varied; varying. v.

  1. To make or cause changes in the characteristics or attributes of; modify or alter.
  2. To undergo or show change.
  3. To be different; deviate.
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