veg out

veg out

noun, plural veg, veg·es. Chiefly British. Informal.

  1. a vegetable.

verb (used without object), vegged, veg·ging. Slang.

  1. to relax in a mindless way (usually fol. by out): We vegged out all weekend, watching the soccer channel and ordering pizza. Tonight I’ll go home and veg with a good book.

verb vegges, vegging or vegged

  1. (intr, adv) slang, mainly US to relax in an inert passive way; vegetatevegging out in front of the television set


  1. informal a vegetable or vegetables

since 1898 as an abbreviation of vegetable, vegetarian. As a verb, colloquially short for vegetate, by 1985 (usually with out).

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