Wemyss [weemz] Examples noun

  1. a parish in central Fife, in E Scotland, on the Firth of Forth: castle.

Examples from the Web for wemyss Historical Examples of wemyss

  • I found the manager, Mr. Wemyss, at his post, and all things in tolerable order.

    Impressions of America

    Tyrone Power

  • Nor was it alone that Wemyss of Logie had been seen to speak with Bothwell.

    Stories from the Ballads

    Mary MacGregor

  • The man was, I understand, a guest in the house of Mr. Wemyss.


    S. R. Crockett

  • As usual Mr. Wemyss sat at the end of the table nearest to the fire.


    S. R. Crockett

  • Wemyss is a lucky fellow, and will, I hope, do credit to his luck.

    Twelve Years of a Soldier’s Life in India

    W. S. R. Hodson

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