wuss [woo s] Word Origin noun Slang.

  1. a weakling; wimp.

Origin of wuss 1980–85; perhaps blend of wimp and puss1 Related formswuss·y, adjective, wuss·i·er, wuss·i·est. Related Words for wusses coward, crybaby, pushover, wimp, whiner, deserter, quitter, yellow, sissy, namby-pamby, caitiff, baby, pantywaist, weakling, chicken, pansy, wuss, jellyfish, milksop, cuckold British Dictionary definitions for wusses wuss woose wussy (ˈwʊsɪ) noun plural wusses or wussies

  1. slang, mainly US a feeble or effeminate person

Word Origin for wuss C20: perhaps from pussy 1 (cat) Word Origin and History for wusses wuss n.

1982, abbreviated from wussy.

Mike Damone: You are a wuss: part wimp, and part pussy
[“Fast Times at Ridgemont High” script, 1982]

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