1. Indian mulberry.


  1. a male given name: form of Albert, Alfred, Aloysius.

Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. aluminum.

  1. Alabama (approved especially for use with zip code).
  2. Anglo-Latin.

  1. variant of ad- before l: allure.

  1. a word in Arabic names meaning “family” or “the house of”: Al-Saud, or the members of the house of Saud.

  1. other things.

  1. other persons.

  1. Anglo-Latin.

  1. autograph letter.

  1. a suffix with the general sense “of the kind of, pertaining to, having the form or character of” that named by the stem, occurring in loanwords from Latin (autumnal; natural; pastoral), and productive in English on the Latin model, usually with bases of Latin origin (accidental; seasonal; tribal). Originally, -al1 was restricted to stems not containing an -l- (cf. -ar1); recent lapses in this rule have produced semantically distinct pairs, as familiar and familial.

  1. a suffix forming nouns from verbs, usually verbs of French or Latin origin: denial; refusal.

  1. Chemistry. a suffix indicating that a compound contains an aldehyde group: chloral.

  1. Baseball. American League.
  2. American Legion.
  3. Anglo-Latin.


  1. Albert Arnold, Jr.Al, born 1948, U.S. politician: vice president of the U.S. 1993–2001.


  1. Alfred A.Al, 1936–2007, U.S. track and field athlete: four-time Olympic discus champion.


  1. AlbertAl, born 1939, and his brother Robert (Bobby), born 1934, U.S. racing-car drivers.

the internet domain name for

  1. Albania

the chemical symbol for

  1. aluminium

abbreviation for

  1. Alabama
  2. Anglo-Latin
  3. (in the US and Canada) American League (of baseball teams)
  4. Albania (international car registration)

suffix forming adjectives

  1. of; related to; connected withfunctional; sectional; tonal

suffix forming nouns

  1. the act or process of doing what is indicated by the verb stemrebuttal; recital; renewal

suffix forming nouns

  1. indicating an aldehydeethanal
  2. indicating a pharmaceutical productphenobarbital


  1. blood shed from a wound, esp when coagulated
  2. informal killing, fighting, etc


  1. (tr) (of an animal, such as a bull) to pierce or stab (a person or another animal) with a horn or tusk


  1. a tapering or triangular piece of material used in making a shaped skirt, umbrella, etc
  2. a similarly shaped piece, esp of land


  1. (tr) to make into or with a gore or gores


  1. Al (bert) Jr. born 1948, US Democrat politician; vice president of the US (1993–2001); defeated in the disputed presidential election of 2000; leading environmental campaigner; shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the Intergovernmental Panel For Climate Change

suffix forming adjectives from nouns or other adjectives, “of, like, related to,” Middle English -al, -el, from French or directly from Latin -alis (see -al (2)).


suffix forming nouns of action from verbs, mostly from Latin and French, meaning “act of ______ing” (e.g. survival, referral), Middle English -aille, from French feminine singular -aille, from Latin -alia, neuter plural of adjective suffix -alis, also used in English as a noun suffix. Nativized in English and used with Germanic verbs (e.g. bestowal, betrothal).


“triangular piece of ground,” Old English gara, related to gar “spear” (see gar), on the notion of “triangularity.” Hence also meanings “front of a skirt” (mid-13c.), and “triangular piece of cloth” (early 14c.).


word-forming element in chemistry to indicate “presence of an aldehyde group” (from aldehyde). The suffix also is commonly used in forming the names of drugs, often narcotics (e.g. barbital), a tendency that apparently began in German and might have been suggested by chloral (n.).


Old English gor “dirt, dung, filth, shit,” a Germanic word (cf. Middle Dutch goor “filth, mud;” Old Norse gor “cud;” Old High German gor “animal dung”), of uncertain origin. Sense of “clotted blood” (especially shed in battle) developed by 1560s.


c.1400, from Scottish gorren “to pierce, stab,” origin unknown, perhaps related to Old English gar “spear” (see gar, also gore (n.2) “triangular piece of ground”). Related: Gored; goring.

  1. The symbol for the elementaluminum


  1. Variant ofad-


  1. Aldehyde:butyral.

  1. The symbol for aluminum.
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