abate [uh-beyt] SynonymsWord Origin See more synonyms for abate on Thesaurus.com verb (used with object), a·bat·ed, a·bat·ing.

  1. to reduce in amount, degree, intensity, etc.; lessen; diminish: to abate a tax; to abate one’s enthusiasm.
  2. Law.
    1. to put an end to or suppress (a nuisance).
    2. to suspend or extinguish (an action).
    3. to annul (a writ).
  3. to deduct or subtract: to abate part of the cost.
  4. to omit: to abate all mention of names.
  5. to remove, as in stone carving, or hammer down, as in metalwork, (a portion of a surface) in order to produce a figure or pattern in low relief.

verb (used without object), a·bat·ed, a·bat·ing.

  1. to diminish in intensity, violence, amount, etc.: The storm has abated. The pain in his shoulder finally abated.
  2. Law. to end; become null and void.

Origin of abate 1300–50; Middle English Middle French abatre to beat down, equivalent to a- a-5 + batre Late Latin batere for Latin battuere to beat; a- perhaps also understood as a-3 Related formsa·bat·a·ble, adjectivea·bat·er; Law. a·ba·tor, nounun·a·bat·a·ble, adjectiveun·a·bat·ing, adjectiveun·a·bat·ing·ly, adverbSynonyms for abate See more synonyms for on Thesaurus.com 1. decrease, weaken. 6. subside.Antonyms for abate 1, 6. increase, intensify. Related Words for unabatingly steadily, firmly, unabatingly British Dictionary definitions for unabatingly abate verb

  1. to make or become less in amount, intensity, degree, etcthe storm has abated
  2. (tr) law
    1. to remove, suppress, or terminate (a nuisance)
    2. to suspend or extinguish (a claim or action)
    3. to annul (a writ)
  3. (intr) law (of a writ, legal action, etc) to become null and void
  4. (tr) to subtract or deduct, as part of a price

Word Origin for abate C14: from Old French abatre to beat down, fell Word Origin and History for unabatingly abate v.

“put an end to” (c.1300); “to grow less, diminish in power or influence” (early 14c.), from Old French abattre “beat down, cast down,” from Vulgar Latin *abbatere, from Latin ad “to” (see ad-) + battuere “to beat” (see batter (v.)). Secondary sense of “to fell, slaughter” is in abatis and abattoir. Related: Abated; abating.

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