Izanami [ee-zah-nah-mee] Examples noun

  1. a Japanese goddess, the sister of Izanagi.

Examples from the Web for izanami Historical Examples of izanami

  • When they met, Izanami held her tongue while Izanagi said, “What a lovely woman!”

    Japanese Fairy World

    William Elliot Griffis

  • Izanami then created by herself the gods of metals, of clay and of fresh water.

    Japanese Fairy World

    William Elliot Griffis

  • Izanagi skirted the base of the mountain to the right, Izanami turned to the left.

    Old-World Japan

    Frank Rinder

  • The last of these spontaneous divine generations were a brother and a sister, named Izanagi and Izanami.

    The Gist of Japan

    R. B. Peery

  • Shortly after this very ingenuous proposal Izanagi and Izanami were married.

    Myths & Legends of Japan

    F. Hadland (Frederick Hadland) Davis

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