adjective, juic·i·er, juic·i·est.

  1. full of juice; succulent: a juicy pear.
  2. very profitable, appealing, interesting, satisfying, or substantive: a juicy contract; a juicy part in a movie.
  3. very interesting or colorful, especially when slightly scandalous or improper: a juicy bit of gossip.

adjective juicier or juiciest

  1. full of juice
  2. provocatively interesting; spicyjuicy gossip
  3. slang voluptuous or seductiveshe’s a juicy bit
  4. mainly US and Canadian profitablea juicy contract

early 15c., from juice (n.) + -y (2). Figurative sense “weathly, full of some desired quality” is from 1620s; sense of “lively, suggestive, sensational” is from 1883. Related: Juiciness.

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