Mandean [man-dee-uh n] noun, adjective

  1. Mandaean.

Mandaean or Man·de·an [man-dee-uh n] noun

  1. a member of an ancient Gnostic sect extant in Iraq.
  2. the Aramaic language of the Mandaean sacred books.


  1. of or relating to the Mandaeans.

Origin of Mandaean 1870–75; Mandaean mandayy(ā) Gnostics (literally, the knowing ones) + -an Related formsMan·dae·an·ism, noun British Dictionary definitions for mandean Mandaean Mandean noun

  1. a member of a Gnostic sect of Iraq
  2. the form of Aramaic used by this sect


  1. of or relating to this sect

Derived FormsMandaeanism or Mandeanism, nounWord Origin for Mandaean C19: from Aramaic mandaya Gnostics, from mandā knowledge

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