noun, plural pin·nae [pin-ee] /ˈpɪn i/, pin·nas.

  1. Botany. one of the primary divisions of a pinnate leaf.
  2. Zoology.
    1. a feather, wing, or winglike part.
    2. a fin or flipper.
  3. Anatomy. auricle(def 1a).

noun plural -nae (-niː) or -nas

  1. any leaflet of a pinnate compound leaf
  2. zoology a feather, wing, fin, or similarly shaped part
  3. another name for auricle (def. 2)

n. pl. pin•nae (pĭnē)

  1. auricle

Plural pinnae (pĭnē) pinnas

  1. A leaflet or primary division of a pinnately compound leaf, especially of a fern frond.
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