Quakerism [kwey-kuh-riz-uh m] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the beliefs, principles, and practices of Quakers.

Origin of Quakerism First recorded in 1650–60; Quaker + -ism Examples from the Web for quakerism Historical Examples of quakerism

  • One can see, too, that modern Quakerism has taken a gentler tone.

    Quaker Hill

    Warren H. Wilson

  • Edward Burrough has been called the Whitefield of Quakerism.

    George Fox

    George Fox

  • The Economist calls the article on Quakerism “admirably written.”

    George Eliot’s Life, Vol. I (of 3)

    George Eliot

  • The meekness of Quakerism will do in religion but not in politics.

    The Boss and the Machine

    Samuel P. Orth

  • He would, Lady Penn maintained, recover from his distemper of Quakerism.

    The Ifs of History

    Joseph Edgar Chamberlin

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