quillwort [kwil-wurt, -wawrt] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. any fernlike, aquatic marsh plant of the genus Isoëtes, characterized by clustered, quill-like leaves bearing sporangia in their bases.

Origin of quillwort First recorded in 1780–90; quill + wort2 Examples from the Web for quillwort Historical Examples of quillwort

  • Professor Lang has published the first of a series of communications describing the structure of the Quillwort, Isoetes.

    The Annual Register 1914


  • British Dictionary definitions for quillwort quillwort noun

    1. any aquatic tracheophyte plant of the genus Isoetes, with quill-like leaves at the bases of which are spore-producing structures: family Isoetaceae, phylum Lycopodophyta (club mosses, etc)
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