1. a Gypsy man or boy.


  1. computer memory in which program instructions, operating procedures, or other data are permanently stored, generally on electronic chips during manufacture, and that ordinarily cannot be changed by the user.

  1. roman (printing type).

  1. Roman.
  2. Romance.Also Rom
  3. Romania.
  4. Romanian.
  5. Romanic.Also Rom
  6. Romans (New Testament).

noun plural Roma (ˈrɒmə)

  1. a male Gypsy

n acronym for computing

  1. read only memory: a storage device that holds data permanently and cannot in normal circumstances be altered by the programmer

abbreviation for

  1. roman (type)

abbreviation for

  1. Roman
  2. Romance (languages)
  3. Bible Romans
  4. Romania(n)

“male gypsy,” 1841, see Romany.

  1. Short for read-only memory. Computer hardware that stores programs or data that cannot be added to, modified, or deleted. ROM does not require power to maintain its contents, and is often used to save instructions that enable the computer’s operating system to communicate with other hardware.

Acronym for read only memory, which refers to a memory system, such as a commercial CD, which can be read but which cannot be altered. (Compare RAM.)

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