unaccomplished [uhn-uh-kom-plisht] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for unaccomplished on Thesaurus.com adjective

  1. not accomplished; incomplete or not carried out: Many tasks remain unaccomplished.
  2. without accomplishments; inexpert: an unaccomplished musician.

Origin of unaccomplished First recorded in 1515–25; un-1 + accomplished Related Words for unaccomplished fragmentary, partial, lacking, deficient, inadequate, sketchy, insufficient, bare, unadorned, undeveloped, incomplete, unfulfilled, tenderfoot, green, rookie, broken, crude, defective, fractional, immature Examples from the Web for unaccomplished Historical Examples of unaccomplished

  • But the breezes shred all asunder and give them unaccomplished to the clouds.

    The Aeneid of Virgil


  • Thus, as far as that went, his life’s work would be unaccomplished.

    The Day of Judgment

    Joseph Hocking

  • If he should die, we must return home with an unaccomplished mission.

    The Girl From the Marsh Croft

    Selma Lagerlf

  • What he did inflict was the unaccomplished proxy of himself.

    The Life of Francis Thompson

    Everard Meynell

  • The cheerful girl was plain, unaccomplished, and not at all young.

    Tiny Luttrell

    Ernest William Hornung

  • British Dictionary definitions for unaccomplished unaccomplished adjective

    1. not accomplished or finished
    2. lacking accomplishments
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