1. an undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome, especially a risky or dangerous one: a mountain-climbing venture.
  2. a business enterprise or speculation in which something is risked in the hope of profit; a commercial or other speculation: Their newest venture allows you to order their products online.
  3. the money, ship, cargo, merchandise, or the like, on which risk is taken in a business enterprise or speculation.
  4. Obsolete. hazard or risk.

verb (used with object), ven·tured, ven·tur·ing.

  1. to expose to hazard; risk: to venture one’s fortune; to venture one’s life.
  2. to take the risk of; brave the dangers of: to venture a voyage into space.
  3. to undertake to express, as when opposition or resistance appears likely to follow; be bold enough; dare: I venture to say that you are behaving foolishly.
  4. to take the risk of sending.

verb (used without object), ven·tured, ven·tur·ing.

  1. to make or embark upon a venture; dare to enter or go: He ventured deep into the jungle.
  2. to take a risk; dare; presume: to venture on an ambitious program of reform.
  3. to invest venture capital.


  1. of or relating to an investment or investments in new businesses: a venture fund.
  1. at a venture, according to chance; at random: A successor was chosen at a venture.


  1. (tr) to expose to danger; hazardhe ventured his life
  2. (tr) to brave the dangers of (something)I’ll venture the seas
  3. (tr) to dare (to do something)does he venture to object?
  4. (tr; may take a clause as object) to express in spite of possible refutation or criticismI venture that he is not that honest
  5. (intr; often foll by out, forth, etc) to embark on a possibly hazardous journey, undertaking, etcto venture forth upon the high seas


  1. an undertaking that is risky or of uncertain outcome
    1. a commercial undertaking characterized by risk of loss as well as opportunity for profit
    2. the merchandise, money, or other property placed at risk in such an undertaking
  2. something hazarded or risked in an adventure; stake
  3. archaic chance or fortune
  4. at a venture at random; by chance

mid-15c., “to risk the loss” (of something), shortened form of aventure, itself a form of adventure. General sense of “to dare, to presume” is recorded from 1550s. Noun sense of “risky undertaking” first recorded 1560s; meaning “enterprise of a business nature” is recorded from 1580s. Venture capital is attested from 1943.

see nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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